Accommodation - Terms and Conditions of Hire


Your contract is with the Owner (“we”, “us” and “our” in these Booking Conditions) of the property @ Cala Gran (“the Property”).  References to “you” or “your” are references to the person making the booking and all members of the holiday party.  These Booking Conditions form the basis of your contract with us so please read them carefully.  Nothing in these Booking Conditions affects your normal statutory rights.

PLEASE NOTE that we have no connection with Haven and/or Bourne Leisure

These Terms & Conditions form part of the Contract between you (the Hirer) and the Owner of the accommodation as named on your booking confirmation. It is important that you read them and understand their contents.

Arrival at The Caravan

On arrival it is important that you check everything is up to standard and there are no damages.  If there is anything of concern this must be reported to us straight away.  Our caravans are cleaned to the highest standard and photographs are taken of every room after cleaning.  Mistakes can happen and will be rectified to the best of our ability. Any complaints regarding cleanliness or damage reported to us after your stay will not be upheld. Please also refer to the complaints section of the Booking Terms & Conditions.


Dates of Hire

The length of hire is as agreed between the parties and is stated in the booking confirmation provided to you.  Any unauthorised use of the caravan by the Hirer outside of these dates and times is chargeable and may result in the forfeit of some, or all, of the refundable bond paid by the Hirer.  This includes checking in before the stated check in time of 4pm and checking out after 10am.



The caravan may only be used by the persons listed on the booking form.  The Lead Guest will be responsible for the entire party.

Should it be brought to our attention that there are other persons staying in the caravan whom are not stated on the booking form we reserve the right to ask you to leave immediately without compensation having broken these terms of hire.

Being a family park, we only accept bookings from family groups.

For the reasons of hygiene and the comfort of other guests, we do not allow smoking in any of the caravans.

Pets are allowed ONLY in the pet friendly caravans and as agreed in advance.


Cleanliness of the Caravan

The caravan must be left clean and tidy. When we let our holiday home to you we ensure that it is clean and that you have everything you need.  When you check out and we return to our holiday home we expect to find it left in a clean and tidy condition, with ALL rubbish removed.  Any blatant damage, or cleaning costs incurred, signs of smoking, damage to fixtures & fittings to the accommodation must be paid for by the Hirer and may result in the forfeit of some or all of the security bond. If it is found that pets have been brought into non pet friendly caravans we reserve the right to withhold the whole of your refundable bond.

Slime – this is not permitted in any caravan.  Should we find any damage to any area of the caravan due to slime we will withhold the bond and may also seek to recover any additional cleaning/replacement costs from you.


Contents and Soft Furnishings

It is not permitted to remove any item from the caravan during your stay to be used outside.  All chairs, cushions, bedding etc must remain in the caravan.  Any extra cleaning required due to these items being used outdoors will be deducted from the refundable bond.


Windows and Doors

It is essential on check out that you check that all windows and doors of the caravan are closed and securely locked.  We have on occasion arrived to find these unlocked and open which would invalidate the insurance and could also cause damage to the caravan due to weather conditions at the time.  We reserve the right to hold you responsible for any loss or damage that may happen to the caravan, and/or contents thereof, due to the windows and doors not being securely locked.



If, in the opinion of the Owner (or our representative) or the Park Manager/Staff, any member of your party is guilty of conduct prejudicial to the well being of others or our caravan, the Owner or the park manager/staff may re-take possession of the accommodation immediately, without compensation to the Hirer.



For the comfort of the Owner and our guests ALL caravans are NON SMOKING.  Any guests found to have been smoking in the caravan will forfeit the security bond. Please ensure you smoke away from any open windows or doors.  This includes any evidence of smoking such as tobacco, cigarette papers etc inside the caravan.  All used cigarettes should be disposed of properly.  Any debris found surrounding the caravan from a guest smoking will be chargeable from your bond.


Pets - non pet friendly caravans

Holiday homes which are not pet friendly are strictly no pets. Any guests found to have had pets in a non pet friendly caravan will forfeit the refundable bond and be asked to vacate the premises immediately.

Pets - pet friendly caravans

Our pet friendly holiday homes will accept a well behaved dog by prior arrangement only.  On check out you must ensure that all dog hair, food etc is removed from the caravan.  Should extra cleaning costs be incurred you will forfeit your bond.  You also agree that you will not allow your pets on the furniture or in the bedrooms.  Your pet should be crated if possible when left alone in the caravan so as not to cause any damage.  You agree not to allow your pet to toilet inside the caravan.



Due to the risk of fire it is not permitted to use a BBQ on the veranda of any caravan or in close vicinity to any caravan.  Do not bring any flammable material into the caravan which may be a fire hazard. Disposable BBQs are not permitted.


Funworks Passes

Funworks passes are not included in the caravan hire cost.  If required, these may be purchased from the main reception on arrival.  Please note that should you wish to use the complex Funworks passes will be required.



Each caravan wll have an inventory relevant to the maximum number of guests allowed in the accomoodation.  Should any damage occur you should inform us immediately.  The inventory will be checked once you have checked out.  Should there be any damaged items which we have not been informed of and/or any missing items the Hirer may forfeit some or all of your refundable bond. 



We understand that accidents happen from time to time but these must be reported to us immediately.  Should any accidental damage not be reported to us and this is found on checking the caravan by either ourselves or our cleaner the cost of replacement/s will be deducted from the refundable bond. The owner may also seek to recover any additional costs required to replace any items above the value of the bond.



The keys for your accommodation will be in the key safe at the property.  These should be removed from the keysafe for use and the key safe closed and the numbers shuffled.

On check out the keys should be returned to the key safe and again the numbers should be shuffled.

Any lost keys will be charged at £15.00 per set. 


Personal Belongings

We will not be held responsible for any items that are left behind after your stay and will arrange for the disposal of such items. On check out please ensure that you have collected all of your belongings.  Due to COVID regulations the cleaning company have advised that they must dispose of any items left by guests.


Hybrid Cars

We are really happy that some of our guests are using hybrid cars to protect our environment.  Haven are working on ways to help you charge your cars whilst staying on park but as of yet this isn’t possible.  We would respectfully ask our guests not to charge your cars with our holiday home electricity.  These are our family holiday homes and we do not want to receive a large electricity bill at the end of the season.  Should it be brought to our attention that this has occurred the refundable bond will be withheld to cover for the extra costs.


Warning - Chargers & E-Cigs

Due to the serious fire risk chargers present, please ensure that after charging any devices or E-Cigs that all chargers are removed from the plug sockets.

Checking Out - these guidelines must be followed on checking out

The cleaning company must be able to access the accommodation at 10am on your departure date.  You must vacate the accommodation on time.

All beds must be stripped and bed linen placed in the bag provided (if no bag is provided this must be left neatly on the master bed)

Heating must be turned off

All rubbish must be removed to the refuse areas on park

All food and drink should be removed from the fridge / freezer & cupboards.  This should be taken home with you or taken to the refuse areas on park

All crockery, cutlery & any other used items are to be washed, dried and put away

Floors should be swept of any debris

Toilets should be checked and cleaned of any human (or other) waste

All windows and doors should be securely locked 

Key to be returned to keysafe, securey closed and code shuffled

Refundable Bond

On inspection of the caravan after your stay and if there is no evidence of negligence on the Hirer’s part as per these terms, your £50.00 refundable bond will be returned to you by bank transfer.  Your account details will not be stored anywhere after the transfer of the bond has taken place.

Deductions will be made from the security bond for any extra charges levied by the cleaning company in relation to the following

  • Early Check in - entering the accommodation before 4pm without prior approval from the owner = £25

  • Late Check out - vacating the accommodation after 10am = £25

  • Bed Linen - bed linen not removed as requested = £15 

  • Rubbish removal - any rubbish that is left behind and needs to be disposed of - £10 per bin bag

  • Removal of food from fridge/freezer & cupboards for disposal = £10

  • Unwashed crockery, cutlery & any other used items = £10

  • Soiled mattresses = £50

Please note any disputes regarding the refund of the bond are between you (the guest) and the Owner of the property.  CGPL has no involvement and will take no responsibility for any disputes relating to this.

We trust that you will treat the CGPL holiday homes with the respect that they deserve